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Modern loft interior showcasing a blend of rustic wooden beams with sleek metal railings, complemented by a natural stone wall and green indoor plants. A staircase with wooden treads leads to an upper mezzanine, accentuated by ambient ceiling lighting.

Ma déco s’engage à sublimer votre intérieur, quels que soient vos envies et votre budget.

Mon expertise en décoration et agencement d'intérieur

En tant que décoratrice expérimentée depuis 7 ans et dessinatrice talentueuse depuis 16 ans, je mets mon expertise à votre disposition pour la réalisation de vos projets d'aménagement d'intérieur.



Je comprends que la décoration ne se limite pas à la simple mise en place de meubles et d'accessoires, mais qu'elle doit avant tout vous correspondre et vous procurer un sentiment de bien-être.


C'est pourquoi je prends le temps de vous connaître avant de donner vie à vos idées. En outre, je suis également spécialisée dans l'agencement sur-mesure de différentes pièces de votre maison, telles que les cuisines, les salles de bains et les chambres.



En tant que professionnel polyvalent, je suis également en mesure de mener à bien vos projets de rénovation de maison et d'appartement.

Close-up portrait of a young woman at the beach, capturing the sun's soft glow on her face. Her expressive eyes, light freckles, and wavy hair give off a relaxed and natural vibe. The sandy background blurred in bokeh adds to the serene beach setting.

Conseils et accompagnement personnalisé

Ma Déco vous offre des solutions uniques et originales pour valoriser votre intérieur en fonction de vos besoins et de vos goûts

Solutions créatives et originales

Ma Déco vous propose des idées novatrices pour dynamiser votre intérieur et le rendre plus accueillant

Conception et décoration sur-mesure

Ma Déco s'adapte à chaque projet en créant une conception et une décoration uniques qui correspondent à vos souhaits

Astuces et conseils professionnels

Ma Déco vous apporte les astuces et les conseils nécessaires pour réaliser un projet réussi et valoriser votre intérieur de manière efficace

Pourquoi choisir Ma Déco


Quelques réalisations

A cozy and aesthetically designed bedroom featuring a large, artistic mural of a horse's face adorned with vibrant pink flowers. The room boasts a contemporary wooden floor that complements a minimalist white bench at the foot of a plush bed with soft-toned bedding. Adjacent to the bed, a chic white vanity table and a round mirror, accompanied by a white chair, provide a dedicated space for personal grooming. Vertical wooden slats partially partition the room, adding texture and depth, while a warm glowing light from a lamp behind the slats sets a tranquil ambiance. The room's serene palette and artistic touches create a harmonious and elegant retreat.

Aménagement et décoration


Aménagement et décoration

Relooking d'une pièce de vie

A contemporary and well-lit kitchen interior boasting a mix of natural wood grain and sleek black finishes. The kitchen showcases a long, central island with a dark matte countertop, complemented by wooden high stools for dining or casual seating. Above the island, modern pendant lights cast a soft glow. Parallel to the island, the kitchen workspace offers ample storage with wood-grain cabinets above and below the black countertops. Modern built-in appliances, including an oven and stovetop with an overhead extractor fan, seamlessly integrate into the design. The entire space is illuminated by a combination of recessed ceiling lights and under-cabinet lighting, highlighting the clean lines and sophisticated color palette of the room.

Aménagement et décoration

Création d'une cuisine

A chic and modern salon interior featuring two styling stations set against a pristine white wall. Each station is equipped with a comfortable brown salon chair facing a rustic wooden shelf, which supports essential hairstyling tools and products. Above each shelf, round mirrors provide clients a view of their reflection. To the left, a stylish wooden staircase with horizontal slats adds architectural interest to the space. The salon boasts a warm wooden floor that contrasts beautifully with the light walls, and pendant lights hanging from the ceiling give the area a cozy ambiance. The overall design exudes a minimalist yet functional aesthetic, perfect for a relaxing hair styling session.

Aménagement et décoration

Salon de coiffure

A spacious and modern corridor featuring a sleek white reception desk with a wooden countertop, positioned adjacent to an elongated wooden bench. The design is accentuated by overhead wooden paneling that stretches the length of the hallway. The corridor is adorned with multiple light blue doors, providing entry to individual rooms, and a glass door on the right leading to a well-lit workspace. The pristine white tiled floor contrasts beautifully with the wooden elements and complements the muted color scheme. On the left, a tall indoor plant adds a touch of greenery and a natural ambiance to the setting. Recessed lighting and a minimalist aesthetic create a welcoming and professional atmosphere, perfect for a modern office or business setting.

Aménagement et décoration

Cabinet d'orthodontie

 A bright and contemporary medical examination room boasting vibrant blue and yellow color accents. The focal point is a comfortable blue examination bed centrally positioned, with an adjustable headrest. Adjacent to the bed, a wooden table and a matching blue chair offer a convenient workspace. The room features a blue accent wall with white overhead cabinets, providing storage above a white countertop equipped with medical supplies. The opposite wall showcases a striking yellow patterned wallpaper, complemented by a retro-style floor lamp and a matching yellow chair. The gray wood-grain flooring offers a neutral contrast to the colorful decor. A white-framed window allows for natural light, and there are two white doors leading to other sections of the facility. The space feels clean, inviting, and designed with patient comfort in mind, making it ideal for medical consultations and check-ups

Aménagement et décoration

Cabinet médical

Ma.Déco - Agence en décoration d'intérieur à Orléans

A modern and stylish open-concept living space featuring a harmonious blend of natural and contemporary elements. The room showcases a unique wooden staircase with suspended steps, juxtaposed against a teal accent wall. Adjacent to this, a sleek flat-screen TV is mounted above a minimalist wooden console. Adding a touch of nature to the decor, a feature wall displays an intricate tropical leaf pattern in monochromatic tones. A cozy seating area is arranged with a patterned cushioned chair and a dark round coffee table, flanked by an elegant teal sofa. The dining section features a white table paired with modern chairs, set against a backdrop of a white wall adorned with potted plants on floating shelves. The space is illuminated by chic pendant lights and is complemented by a view of greenery through tall windows. Natural wood flooring ties the entire room together, creating an inviting atmosphere perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

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